Haplabase Orthotic Insoles


Product description

High quality and cost effective moulded EVA Orthotic, with a durable low slip material top cover, an external EVA shell designed to support the sub-talar and mid-tarsal joints, a 15mm heel cup and contoured arch. Lightweight and designed to fit directly into the patients footwear to provide comfort and support. It can be easily adapted with the use of external heel raises and rear/forefoot posts. Colour Terracotta.

Ref Description Options
HBAS003 UK 3 Pair
HBAS004 UK 4 Pair
HBAS005 UK 5 Pair
HBAS006 UK 6 Pair
HBAS007 UK 7 Pair
HBAS008 UK 8 Pair
HBAS009 UK 9 Pair
HBAS010 UK 10 Pair
HBAS011 UK 11 Pair
HBAS012 UK 12 Pair
HBAS013 UK 13 Pair

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