Dentsply Calibra Veneer &Try-In Paste


Product description

Calibra Esthetic Resin Cement combines ease of use, excellent handling, and shade-stable chemistry in a versatile light-cure/dual-cure system. Calibra Cement provides best results in all ceramic crowns, PFM crowns, inlays/onlays, veneers, bridges, and all cosmetic indirect restorations that demand uncompromising aesthetic bonding and strength. Its low solubility prevents margin disintegration and it provides low film thickness.

Calibra Veneer Kit includes:5 x Syringes Base, 5 x Syringes Try-In Paste, 1 x Bottle PrimeandBond NT Adhesive (4.5mL), 1 x Syringe Silane Coupling Agent (3mL), 1 x Syringe Caulk 34% Tooth Conditioner Gel (3mL), 25 x Disposable Applicator Tips (Needles), 50 x Flocked Applicator Tips, 1 x Dispensing Well, 1 x Light Protection Cover.

Try-In Paste Accessory Pack Includes::5 x 1.8 g Syringes of Calibra Veneer Try-In Paste (1 of each Shade Light, Medium, Translucent, Opaque, Bleach).

Ref Description Options
UCVK000 Kit Each
UCVSBLC Syringe Bleach 2g Each
UCVSLGT Syringe Light 2g Each
UCVSMED Syringe Medium 2g Each
UCVSOPQ Syringe Opaque 2g Each
UCVSTRS Syringe Translucent 2g Each
UCVTPAP Try-in Paste Accessory Pack Each
UCTSBLC Try-in Paste Syringe Bleach 1.8g Pack of 2
UCTSLGT Try-in Paste Syringe Light 1.8g Pack of 2
UCTSMED Try-in Paste Syringe Medium 1.8g Pack of 2
UCTSOPQ Try-in Paste Syringe Opaque 1.8g Pack of 2
UCTSTRS Try-in Paste Syringe Trans 1.8g Pack of 2

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