Estesil H2TOP Dynamic Material 5:0


Product description

Tokuyama ESTESIL H2TOPTM is an ultra flowable and wettable silicone material that has superior flowability features, meaning that it is able to capture the most important details,
including those beyond the preparation margin.

Tokuyama Estesil H2TOPTM is the innovative line of precision impression materials designed by Tokuyama Dental’s labs.
Thanks to the technology developed in other chemical sectors and applications, it was possible to develop materials in
polyvynilsiloxane with highly wettable surfactant hydrophilic fillers. It is a wide and comprehensive line, with 6 packages
and different viscosities to ensure the greatest modularity depending on the different impression techniques and/or different
prosthetic works to be performed by the clinician. The precise detail reproduction, even in the most extreme conditions like in
case of immersion of the materials in water, allows the clinician to achieve TOP results! It is the detail impression under the
visible areas that makes the difference!

  • MONOPHASE (machine mix-44200 ): As a base in the simultaneous two viscosity technique of impressions for: crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers. Indicated for the dual arch technique”.
  • MONOIMPLANT(machine mix-44250):In the monophase single viscosity technique for: positioning of pickups of implants, antagonists, position and f unctional impressions.
  • PUTTY:As a base in the two phase two viscosity technique for:crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers.
  • HIGH FLOWABILITY:Precision impression for supragingival or iuxta gingival preparations.
  • EXTRA HIGH FLOWABILITY:Precision impression for subgingival reading.
  • HEAVY:As a base in the simultaneous two viscosity technique.Indicated for the dual arch technique.


Ref Description Options
UH2MM00 Sympress Mixing Device (44900) Each
UH2I380 Mono Implant Medium 380ml (44250) Pack of 2
UH2M380 Monophase Medium Body 380ml (44200) Pack of 2
UH2DMR5 Dynamic Mixing Ring Yellow (44230) Pack of 5
UH2DM50 Dynamic Mixing Tip Yellow (44225) Pack of 50

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