Suprox Hypochlorous Acid Disinfection


Product description

Safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly Hypochlorous Acid disinfection

Suprox is a water-based disinfectant and hand sanitiser that is safe for humans, animals and the environment as its constituent products are made up entirely of salt, water and electricity. Contains no alcohol, aldehydes or quat-ammonium compounds.

Meeting all the relevant EN and ISO standards, Suprox utilises patented electrochemical activation (ECA) technology to produce potent hypochlorous acid biocide, a weak acid which possesses 300 times the antimicrobial efficacy of household bleach (sodium hypochlorite solution), but with none of the associated safety risks because it is naturally occurring within the body.

A powerful biofilm removing agent, Suprox is devastating to microorganisms and viruses yet kind to human tissue and animal cells. This is due to its oxidising properties (a hostile environment for germs, bacteria and spores) and the presence of hypochlorous acid, the most powerful known biocide with no known mutagenicity issues. Meaning bacteria and viruses cannot develop immunity to it.

Hypochlorous acid is naturally occurring in the human body and is the chemical used by white blood cells to purge infections.

Suprox contains 800 -1000ppm hypochlorous acid which is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, concentrations in the UK market. This means Suprox is bactericidal, viricidal, fungicidal and sporicidal. Unlike weaker solutions, some of which are as low as 200ppm, that are only bactericidal and viricidal.

Individually batch tested to make sure it is always effective, Suprox is a medical grade product which meets all the required standards including EN13704, EN14476, EN16777, EN1276.

Suprox has a fully validated shelf life of 6 months and is recommended for long term use because it is non-irritating, gentler on the skin and safe on all parts off the body.

*easy to apply spray sanitiser

*use as a biocide on any surface – even sensitive skin

*no messy creams that can act as hosts for germs


*alcohol-free, does not dry or irritate the skin

*eco-friendly – no waste product or harmful chemicals, and bottles are recyclable

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USUPRX1 1 Litre Trigger Spray Each
USUPRX5 5 Litre Bottle Each

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