Bond Apatite 1cc


Product description

Bond Apatite is a bone graft cement combining 3D Bond with Hydroxyapatite granules.
The BCX matrix feature complete resorption between 4-10 weeks. The slow-resorbing Hydroxyapatite granule mix serves as longer range space maintainer for optimised volume control.
Bond Apatite id delivered in a specially designed ready-to-use all in one syringe containing the granulated powder and physiological saline. Mixing the powder component with the liquid in the driver results in a viscous composite that is suitable for the direct injection into the graft site.
The cement property of Bond Apatite enables the entire graft placement and stabilisation to be completed in less than one minute by the 3 short consecutive steps Place-Press-Close.


Ref Description Options
UAUBA01 Syringe 1cc Each

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