Dentiguard Dental Disinfectant

The All-In-One Dental Disinfectant that's as safe as water!

  • Dentiguard disinfectant contains hypochlorous acid and kills all pathogens!
  • It is 100% safe for users so carries no health warnings and has no side effects whatsoever!

Exclusively from Trycare, Dentiguard is based on 200 year old proven efficacy of hypochlorous acid - click here to download the Register of Research Papers.

The Dentiguard solution is formulated in just 8 minutes, poured into a patented spray bottle and used as a disinfectant for your entire surgery - it's incredibly easy! Just 40ml in your waterlines will also ensure they are free from legionella and biofilm.

SAVING ££££ - with Dentiguard, an average 3 chair surgery will save approx £100 a month on their overall disinfectant costs and as it's as safe as water, Dentiguard will also help you to stay compliant and free from litigation!

Dentiguard kills all pathogens and is 100% safe!

(Smaller unit available - contact us for more details)

Dentiguard killing pathogens on contact

Human blood cells also kill pathogens with hypochlorous acid

The Royal College Of Nursing has also expressed concerns about the efficacy and use of disinfectant wipes stating:

"Currently there is no guidance available to support users or purchasers of wipes and little evidence to support wipes as an effective infection prevention intervention".

"Once the wiped surface dries, all disinfectant activity stops".

"As disinfectants in wipes will only work while wet... the contact time in some tests can grossly overestimate the level of disinfection that will be achieved by the wipe in practice".

Please click here to download the full guidance document - we have highlighted areas of text in pink which are particularly relevant.

Introduction to Dentiguard