Christmas Quiz - Win Prizes

  • Date: November 27, 2023
  • By: Chiropody News

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Christmas Quiz Section

To enter send your answers via email to: by 14th December 2023.
The prize draw will be announced on our facebook page on Friday 15th December the 3 winners will be sent their prizes via the post.

1) If you were born on Christmas Day, what star sign are you?

2) In what year was the first Christmas card sent? 1743, 1843, or 1943?

3) Which horned figure is set to punish naughty children at Christmas time?

4) What does Santa give to naughty children?

5) How do you say Merry Christmas in Welsh?

6) What is the name of a male Turkey?

7) What type of food did Christmas crackers originally contain?

8) The Grinch attempts to steal Christmas from which fictional town?

9) In which country did Christmas carolling originate?

10) Which famous scientist was born on Christmas day in 1642?