Clean One2 Disinfection Units Available From September 2017

  • Date: June 5, 2017
Clean One2 Disinfection Unit

Trycare is delighted to announce that the Clean One2 disinfection units will be available again by September 2017.

The Clean One2 is an ISO EN15883, HTM 01/05 compliant ‘all-in-one’ ultrasonic washer/disinfection unit which enables the full automation of the ‘dirty/clean’ process for instruments immediately after use and ready for sterilisation.

Soiled instruments are simply placed directly into the Clean One2 unit immediately after patient treatment.
Instruments are stored in a bath of pre-disinfection solution prior to a process of ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing and drying and emerge ready for sterilisation.
All stages of the full pre-sterilisation cleaning process is completed automatically without any handling.

Customers are asked to register their interest by calling 01274 885544 or via