BioMin® F Toothpaste Gains Oral Health Foundation Approval

  • Date: January 22, 2019
BioMin® F Toothpaste Gains Foundation Approval

BioMin® F, the innovative toothpaste that replaces lost tooth mineral, has become the first & only toothpaste to gain accreditation from the Oral Health Foundation’s expert panel for its efficacy at sensitivity relief and remineralisation.

BioMin® F toothpaste is now entitled to use the internationally recognised Oral Health Foundation approval logo on its packaging, assuring users that its claims have been rigorously checked and verified.
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Verified protection and remineralisation

The Oral Health Foundation has verified and upheld the following claims:

  • By brushing at least twice daily (morning and night), the regular use of BioMin® F toothpaste provides relief from dentine hypersensitivity and long-lasting protection against acid attack
  • The patented technology within BioMin® F slowly releases calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions, forming a protective fluorapatite layer on the tooth surface and replacing lost tooth mineral
  • BioMin® F toothpaste will help reinforce and protect your teeth, leaving your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

Richard Whatley, BioMin’s chief executive, explained: ‘Oral Health Foundation accreditation is a hugely important endorsement of our toothpaste as it assures clinicians and consumers that BioMin® F toothpaste has been evaluated by an independent panel of internationally
recognised dental experts and academics. These experts have studied all the claims carefully to ensure they are true and are backed up by reliable scientific evidence.’

'These experts have studied all the claims carefully to ensure they are true and are backed up by reliable scientific evidence.’

BioMin® F is based on the latest generation of bioactive glass technology, developed by researchers at Queen Mary University, London.

The glass structure within the toothpaste incorporates calcium, fluoride and phosphate ions, which are slowly released over 12 hours as the glass gradually dissolves, working in concert with saliva to neutralise acid and form a layer of fluorapatite, the fluoride analogue of natural tooth enamel. Fluorapatite is more stable and resistant to acid attack than hydroxyapatite, formed by the previous generation of bioactive glass, and laboratory studies have shown that BioMin® F is more effective than other pastes at remineralising lost minerals in tooth enamel.

Fluorapatite is not only formed on the surface of the teeth, since the tiny particles of BioMin® F also enter the dentinal tubules. BioMin® F lays fluorapatite down on the apatite-rich walls of the tubules, occluding them and preventing the fluid flow (hydraulic conductance), which causes sensitivity.

'the enamel is already being strengthened ahead of the treatment.'

BioMin® F is recommended as a daily toothpaste for the treatment and prevention of dentine hypersensitivity, but also has specific uses in the surgery.
Starting the remineralisation process before treatments such as scaling, root-planing and whitening, which are known to risk causing sensitivity in susceptible patients, means that the enamel is already being strengthened ahead of the treatment.

Immediate application of BioMin® F after treatment and recommending that the patient continues to brush with the product reduces the risk of sensitivity.