Osteobiol GTO helps surgeons skip the hydration phase

  • Date: January 22, 2019
Osteobiol  GTO helps surgeons skip the hydration phase

The new Osteobiol® GTO® with TSV gel, a sticky bone substitute with putty-like characteristics, enables clinicians to skip the hydration phase with saline or blood, saving time and decreasing the risk of accidental exposure to pathogens.

It is Tecnoss’ new, ready-to-use, pre-hydrated biomaterial that can be easily dispensed into defect sites directly from the syringe. The Osteobiol TSV gel ensures optimal stickiness of the material, allowing easy adaptability to the recipient site and extreme stability.

Conceived as a universal biomaterial and easily adaptable to any bone defect, Osteobiol GTO with TSV gel is particularly adapted for horizontal augmentation of two-wall defects and socket preservation with compromised buccal plates.
It can also be used in sinus-lifting procedures, where it can be applied directly through the bony window, helping to stabilise implants during immediate placement. It can also be used to treat peri-implant lesions and severe bony defects.

Biological principles and laws

Dr Giuseppe Oliva, the founder of Tecnoss Osteobiol, had a goal to develop biomaterials ideal for dentistry.
His development philosophy is based on the respect of biological principles and laws. It was his excellent technology, meticulous quality-control and strong will that made this breakthrough possible.
Research and development at Tecnoss focuses on total biocompatibility, abundant new bone formation, natural rates of resorption and volume preservation.

Tried and trusted

Tecnoss biomaterials are different; they are developed from a special process for treating animal tissue that makes it
biocompatible and preserves the natural collagen/mineral matrix.
They avoid high temperatures that destroy the collagen and make the mineral ceramic, unable to be reabsorbed
and simply act as a scaffold.

Instead, possible reactive protein components are denatured, allowing the mineral bone and collagen matrix to be used on humans without adverse reactions.
The retained collagen/mineral matrix is slowly degraded by osteoclastic activity, exposing collagen derivatives that signal for osteoblastic activity. This allows osteoclastictype remodeling, similar to that of physiological bone over the same time period.
Osteobiol also swells as it absorbs blood and is excellent for carrying medication to the surgical site.
New Osteobiol GTO with TSV Gel is the latest addition to the tried and trusted Tecnoss range which has been continuously developed for over 20 years.

Research and education

Osteobiol is linked to the Bone, Biomaterials and Beyond Academy (BBBA), which is an international scientific association.
Since 2004, the BBB Academy have published more than 33 scientific papers, with more to come in the near future. They invest heavily in professional education and communication, and their catalogue and website offer extensive clinical information.
The app for tablets and iPads is free and includes six animations to be shown to patients to increase their understanding of guided bone and tissue regeneration (GBR) techniques. It also contains Osteobiol information and over 40 scientific abstracts and a path to the database of clinical videos on the Osteobiol website.