Universal Bond - Heard It All Before?

  • Date: September 26, 2018
universal bond

You probably take “universal” and “time saving” with a pinch of salt.

Healthy scepticism makes for a smart customer, but it also means that sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised!

Tokuyama’s Universal Bond produces high bond strengths to virtually all dental substrates and does so without having to add activators or primers. There’s also no need to wait after placement as it self-cures!
Universal Bond saves time by not having to light cure it for 20 seconds. It adheres to dentition on contact and then self-polymerises. Overall, it reduces that interminable time with the curing lamp!

Ease of Use: Time Savings

Tokuyama Universal Bond shortens chair time for both staff and patients. Simply mix one drop of Bond A and Bond B together to trigger the chemical cure sequence and this provides worry-free polymerization where curing lights cannot reach.
The bonding kit will bond any two interfaces porcelain, metal, zirconium and acrylic with NO PRIMERS REQUIRED!

Comments: From Users

  • “I like the ease of application and that the product is a self-cure”
  • “It’s easy to use and takes less time”
  • “No light curing was definitely a plus”
  • “I also liked that no etching or light curing is needed before application of the resin”
  • “It streamlined workflow on direct composite restorations, particularly where multiple teeth were involved”
  • “Quicker procedure time is especially beneficial when working with paediatric patients”
  • “Removing the need to light cure is very helpful with patients with limited ability to tolerate chairside treatment”
  • “I etched, rinsed, applied the bond and the filling right over, and didn’t have to waste time curing the bond”
  • “The material proved critical for paediatric patients or patients with TMJ problems by reducing time in all steps, speeding up the restoring process and making patients comfortable”
  • “A different colour from bottle A and B turns blue when the solution is adequately mixed”
  • “Universal Bond under all restorations to seal tubules and decrease sensitivity”
  • “It bonds to everything! Especially glass dappens dishes and plastic reservoirs”

Versatile: For All Bonding

Because of its high adhesive performance to substrates, Tokuyama says it’s the only real universal bonding agent for all materials. Its universal applicability is extremely valuable.
“Using one bonding solution for all restorative procedures makes us product efficient, decreases inventory and saves money & time”. Other dentists commented on the product’s versatility and the number of applications from each pack.

Dentists: Commenting On Reduced Sensitivity

“I loved this product. It’s very easy to use, patients had no sensitivity, and the new mixing wells to dispense in are very clever”. Other dentists reported no post-op sensitivity, even when used for multiple class 5 caries site patients with dental neglect. With previous bonding agents, patients complained about smell, but there were no such complaints about Universal Bond.

Overall Satisfaction

All commentators said they would recommend Universal Bond to their colleagues.
One dentist summarised Universal Bond perfectly: “Strong bond, quick delivery, thin layer of bond, no light cure and no sensitivity. This bonding system surpassed in all aspects of bonding procedures.”

Universal Bond can be used with any competitor bondable filling materials and cements.

The Universal Bond Intro Kit includes 10ml of bond and costs 20% to 30% LESS than other leading brands!