Why BioMin F Toothpaste Is A Gamechanger For Dental Hygienists

  • Date: September 11, 2018
Why BioMin F Toothpaste Is A Gamechanger For Dental Hygienists

Moira Crawford talks to hygienists who have had astonishing results and are keen to share their experiences with colleagues.

In practice, BioMin F has been available for over a year, and hygienists in the UK and elsewhere have been astonished by the results they have seen both in their own families and their most problematic patients.

Sam Davidson, a dental hygienist who works in practices across Kent and the South East of England, has been recommending BioMin F to patients with sensitivity who have had no success with the major sensitivity brands. She trialled it first on herself, having developed sensitivity to cold air after starting whitening treatment. ‘After 14 days of using BioMin F the sensitivity had gone and I could continue with the whitening,’ she said. She then handed samples to 30 patients and all gave positive feedback. Most have continued to buy BioMin™ F.

"the sensitivity had gone and I could continue with the whitening"

She’s recently recommended BioMin C, the variant without fluoride, to a patient who is strongly against toxins but is prone to decay – and the early signs are promising. Now Sam routinely recommends BioMin F to patients with recession and when commencing whitening treatment. She’s starting a study group with other hygienists to look into BioMin more deeply. ‘I am passionate about the product,’ she said.

"I am passionate about the product"

Her findings are echoed by Bhavana Dower, a hygienist in Streatham, South London. Bhavana’s own son had fluorosis on four teeth – after using BioMin two teeth are white again and the last two are almost back to normal. She has seen good results with patients and is using it herself. ‘The enamel actually looks thicker,’ she said.

Joss Harding, a hygienist in Stroud, Gloucestershire, read about BioMin in the dental press a few months ago and was impressed by the science behind it. She gave samples to all the practice staff because ‘I like everyone to try everything,’ she said. The feedback from the team was excellent, appreciating the improvement in sensitivity, and liking the taste and amount of foaming, so she has started to recommend it to patients, with good results. ‘Patients say they like the sensation of smoothness and cleanliness all day long, and the concept that the slow release is protecting their teeth over several hours,’ said Joss. She has found BioMin especially effective in patients with high acidity diets, and her special interest is patients with cancer, on multiple medications and with problems associated with a dry mouth. ‘I like to give people options,’ she said, ‘as well as the choice of a fluoride-free variant if they prefer.’

"The enamel actually looks thicker"

Like many of the hygienists and dentists we interviewed, Joss was drawn to the fact that BioMin F has been developed in a UK dental school, not by a big multinational corporation, and that appeals to many patients too. Some switched-on patients are even coming into the practice specifically requesting BioMin F.

"The science is very convincing, and nothing else does what BioMin does"

BioMin F has been available in Ireland for a similar length of time, and Donna Paton, a hygienist in Mullingar, Westmeath, and her dentist colleague Dr Anne O’Donnell, were among the first to use it. ‘The science is very convincing, and nothing else does what BioMin does,’ said Dr O’Donnell. ‘It strengthens enamel in a different way to help with sensitivity.’ Donna, who is also the current President of the Irish Dental Hygienists’ Association, has seen improvement in orthodontic patients with white spot lesions, and those with poor oral hygiene.
Their perio patients seem to benefit too. ‘It stands to reason that if the teeth are not sensitive you will brush more effectively,’ pointed out Donna. ‘Perhaps there is also a psychological effect that patients trying out this product will try and brush more thoroughly too.’

For more information about Biomin Toothpaste, visit www.trycare.co.uk/biomin