More Website Transactions Means More Investment!

  • Date: March 21, 2017

More and more customers are choosing to purchase from us via the website and Trycare continues to invest in its future growth to stay ahead of demand. We are therefore delighted to announce another major improvement to our web presence!

On Wednesday 22nd March at 4pm, we move to our new high specification server.
The website will not be available during this change which is expected to last no more than 1 hour, but once up & running, should be a much faster experience than ever before.

Please also be aware that we're streamlining our shopping cart process over the coming days - making it less cluttered and even easier for you to buy from us. It's what you've requested!

Our work on creating special controls for customers with multiple sites / practices is also now complete. This allows the CEO, directors or other senior staff to monitor, amend and approve all orders before the system sends them to us for processing.
Please get in touch via 01274 885531 if you'd like to know more about these controls. They're free!

Thank you for your patience while we make all these improvements!