Super silent & lightweight suction unit


Improve your performance and your patients comfort with the BX-Premium Plus Super Silent Brushless Suction Unit.

In the video below, Chris from Hadewe explains the difference in noise level between the Suction Unit SB-X40 Plus and the Suction Unit BX-Premium Plus.​​

The BX-Premium Plus is a vacuum device designed for
the foot care field.

The model has a digital display, an easy-to-clean
keyboard and CE mark as well as the new UKCA mark.

The powerful motor enables working at
speeds of 6.000- 40.000 rpm.

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The PLUS handpiece is equipped with our
patented power clamping system, and the
knob is made out of TPE (thermoplastic
elastomer) to allow maximum comfort when
using it. It has a side suction that allows
removing the dust at an exact point.

Price £1195 ex vat


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