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BioMinF Toothpaste Produces Deep Remineralisation

New research shows that BioMin™ F is capable of remineralising both the tooth surface and the sub-surface enamel

Young patients wearing fixed orthodontic appliances run a higher risk of caries than those who do not. If decay develops during the orthodontic treatment, then white spot lesions (formed by demineralisation of the tooth enamel around the brackets) can appear and damage the newly straightened teeth.

BioMin F, a new toothpaste based on bioactive glass technology, was already shown to be effective in remineralising tooth enamel and improving symptoms of sensitivity (Sivaranjani, 2018). Now, a new study has shown that the effects penetrate even deeper into the tooth – remineralising the sub-surface enamel and improving or reversing the white spot lesions (Bakry et al, 2018).

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  • Date: January 17, 2019
  • Category: Dental News
Biomin prevents white spot lesions

Merry Christmas & Thank You

It's been another busy year of expansion at Trycare and as we prepare for the Christmas festivities, we'd like to sincerely thank you for your custom and kindness. Hopefully, it's been a good year for you.

Our office opening hours during this period are:

  • Monday 31st December, with orders despatched that day and delivered on Thursday 3rd January.
  • Wednesday 2nd January, then office opening as normal.

From all the Trycare team, we do hope you have a very Merry Christmas and terrific 2019. We'll be with you all the way - it's the Trycare way!


The winner of our chiropody Christmas Competition was Sally from Bristol. Her winning joke was:
Q - How does good King Wencelas like his pizza?
A - Deep pan, crisp and even :)

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  • Date: December 21, 2018
Merry Christmas & Thank You

The Benefits Of Intraoral Welding

Achieve long-term success and high predictability for immediate loaded implants

Primary stability is an important goal for successful immediate loading and same day surgery. Implant failure can sometimes be caused by micromotion and stress exerted on implants during healing.
Intraoral welding is a technique of splinting abutments with welded titanium bars directly in the mouth to provide extra stability.

The procedure eliminates the possibility of errors or distortions during impression-taking, offering long-term success and high predictability.

Peri-implant bone remodels according to forces exerted upon it and optimum distribution of forces on both the implant and the prosthesis is essential for optimal rehabilitation. Rigid splinting seems to play an important role in peri-implant tissue response, since it is able to reduce the stress on implants. Additionally, patients desire good retention to relieve the discomfort of mobile dentures, so a quick solution for providing healing stability and good prosthesis retention is intraoral welding.

Immediate splinting is easily achieved by intraorally splint welding the abutments before immediate loading. This can be done very quickly, saving the many steps and time associated with other techniques.

Patient discomfort is reduced and a good functional and aesthetic result is achieved. Numerous studies have been published about immediate loading and stabilisation of multiple implants and the use of abutments splinted by immediate welding.

Titanium bars are available in a range of diameters and are easily manipulated and clamped creating a strong, metal-reinforced splint.

Click here for information on the welder, electrode pliers and titanium wires.

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  • Date: December 10, 2018
  • Category: Dental News
Benefits of Intra-Oral Welding

The battle between dealer and price

By Phil Mathers, 'Phil-osopher' & owner of Trycare with 50 years’ experience in the dental industry

The truth is that none of us ever pay the least price. To all intents and purposes, it is impossible to achieve! Prices vary day by day. Dealers, urged by market forces, customer pressure and competitor activities, move prices to buy business, stay in the ball park or simply compete! The dealer, in fear of becoming unviable, constantly worries about competitive pricing. At Trycare, as I suspect with other dealers, we regularly meet customers who are convinced that their prices are rock bottom and who are shocked to be shown that this not the case. This is the fault of no-one.

Compare the cost of your annual basket to the offerings of two or more other dealers and you will see very little difference. We hear of discounts but with no mention of what the price is that the discounts are applied to, prices that are not on like for like products and so it goes on - nothing like the differences you imagine you are enjoying. This is not a con. It is the reality of the impossible complexity of pricing in the modern era!

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  • Date: December 10, 2018
  • Category: Dental News
The battle between dealer and price

Cara Wins BioMin's Clinical Case Study Award 2018

Congratulations to Cara Green of Romford, Essex who scooped the top prize in BioMin's Clinical Case Study Award 2018.

The judging panel was Prof Robert Hill, Dr David Gillam and Dr Marina Harris who agreed Cara's study was well laid out and structured, an attractive presentation and well referenced. You can download it here.

As well as kudos and exposure for winning, Cara was presented with a certificate and set of top quality instruments, kindly donated by Hu Friedy.

The runners up, who also presented very good quality case studies were Gulag Singh of Huntingdon and Felicity Heath of Bournemouth.
The competition was also launched in Lithuania and the winner, Viktorija Butrimaviciene, was sponsored by BioMin Technologies Ltd to spend the weekend at the Oral Health Conference & Exhibition in Telford.

Certificates were presented by Phil Mathers (pictured), CEO of Trycare Ltd who are the UK distributors of Biomin toothpaste.

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  • Date: November 28, 2018
  • Category: Dental News
BioMin Clinical Case Study Award 2018

More Time For Beautiful Restorations

More sculpting time and just a 10 second cure!

Radical Amplified Photopolymerisation (RAP) is just one of the technological breakthroughs that have led to Estelite winning ‘Best Universal Composite’ for the last nine years in a row.

The essential feature of patented RAP technology is its ability to polymerise photo activated composites in just one third of the time of that required by other composites. In conventional composite technology, it is accepted that reduced polymerisation time is at the expense of working time: the faster the curing time, the shorter the working time. However, due to RAP technology, Estelite composite has both the benefit of a 10 second curing time and long working time of at least 90 seconds.

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  • Date: November 19, 2018
  • Category: Dental News
Estelite composite RAP technology article

OsteoBiol Is Almost Indistinguishable From Autologous Bone!

Viscous collagen gel that binds graft particulates, aids placement and resists in situ distortion

OsteoBiol® TSV Gel has thermo-gelling properties that provide mechanical stability to bone substitute granules and barrier membranes. At low temperature (4°C) the gel is relatively flowable and easy to mix with graft and manipulate but becomes more viscous when exposed to body temperature.

Significantly improved putty-like handling and stability OsteoBiol TSV Gel contains heterologous type I and III collagen gel with polyunsaturated fat acids diluted in aqueous solution that contains a biocompatible synthetic copolymer that gives it its gelification kinetics.

The viscosity is at its minimum at 4°C. but increases rapidly with temperature until it plateaus at 13°C. At body temperature OsteoBiol® TSV Gel is gel-like. It does not fully harden but keeps a soft consistency and when mixed with GenOss® granules creates an easy to handle and pressure-resistant putty. The mixture becomes a stable, sticky and putty-like conglomerate that is easily placed in a defect. OsteoBiol TSV Gel is biocompatible and rapidly resorbed.
It is sterilized by Gamma irradiation, is radio transparent and thermo-reversible.

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  • Date: October 18, 2018
  • Category: Dental News

Prevention Of Post-Scaling Sensitivity

A new comparative study has confirmed that BioMinF is more effective than other toothpastes tested in reducing sensitivity following scaling and root planing, something dental hygienists are already finding. Moira Crawford reports...

Sensitivity following scaling and root planing is a common problem, and one that dental hygienists and therapists are only too familiar with. Many patients with sensitivity problems have tried a number of toothpastes without success, and either suffer after scaling procedures or cannot even bear to endure them. Others find that the procedure triggers sensitivity.

Now an innovative new toothpaste has been launched, BioMin F, which takes a different approach to the treatment and prevention of sensitivity, and has been shown not only to improve the problem on a daily basis but also to have an immediate effect in reducing sensitivity straight after scaling.

A recent trial, published in Contemporary Clinical Dentistry (2018) compared the efficacy of three toothpastes in reducing dentine hypersensitivity (DH) – immediately after scaling, and then at 15, 30 and 60 days later. The pastes were:

  • a standard fluoride toothpaste containing 1450ppm fluoride
  • Sensodyne Repair and Protect, containing the active ingredient Novamin (calcium sodium phosphosilicate)
  • BioMin F, containing the bioactive glass compound fluoro calcium phosphosilicate.

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  • Date: October 15, 2018
  • Category: Dental News
biomin toothpaste

Unbreakable Bonding

How to achieve high bond strengths to virtually all dental substrates

You probably take ‘universal’ and ‘time-saving’ with a pinch of salt; healthy scepticism makes for a smart customer, but it also means that sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised!
Tokuyama’s Universal Bond produces high bond strengths to virtually all dental substrates and does so without having to add activators or primers. There’s also no need to wait after placement as it self-cures.
Universal Bond saves time by not having to light cure it for 20 seconds. It adheres to dentition on contact and then self-polymerises. Overall, it reduces that interminable time with the curing lamp.

Ease of use: time savings

Tokuyama Universal Bond shortens chair time for both staff and patients. Simply mix one drop of Bond A and Bond B together to trigger the chemical cure sequence and this provides worry-free polymerisation where curing lights cannot reach.
The bonding kit will bond any two interfaces porcelain, metal, zirconium and acrylic with no primers required!

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  • Date: October 11, 2018
  • Category: Dental News

How To Reduce White Spots During Orthodontic Treatment

White spot lesions due to demineralisation of tooth enamel are a common side-effect of orthodontic treatment, and a potential precursor to caries. The use of products based on bioactive glass which forms fluorapatite to remineralise the tooth surface could reduce the risk of white spot lesions in these patients.

Orthodontic treatment has never been more popular. With the current emphasis on oral aesthetics, not only teenagers but adults are seeking to improve the alignment of their teeth for a perfect smile.

There can, however, be an unfortunate ill-effect to the use of bonded orthodontic appliances: demineralisation of the tooth enamel around the brackets, ie white spot lesions (WSL). WSL are defined as ‘subsurface enamel porosity from carious demineralisation’, which are visible as a milky white opacity on the tooth surface, slightly softer than the surrounding smooth enamel.

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  • Date: October 9, 2018
  • Category: Dental News
white spots on teeth

Universal Bond - Heard It All Before?

You probably take “universal” and “time saving” with a pinch of salt.

Healthy scepticism makes for a smart customer, but it also means that sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised!

Tokuyama’s Universal Bond produces high bond strengths to virtually all dental substrates and does so without having to add activators or primers. There’s also no need to wait after placement as it self-cures!
Universal Bond saves time by not having to light cure it for 20 seconds. It adheres to dentition on contact and then self-polymerises. Overall, it reduces that interminable time with the curing lamp!

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  • Date: September 26, 2018
  • Category: Dental News
universal bond

Biomin F: Sensitivity Relief For 90% Of Patients

Biomin F toothpaste, based on bioactive glass technology, has been available for several months now. Moira Crawford talks to clinicians with over a year’s experience of Biomin, who say 90% of patients are reporting relief from sensitivity problems.

Dentine sensitivity is a big deal for patients. Discomfort or pain, particularly in reaction to hot or cold food and drinks, or even cold air, is common in the general population, and can cause acute distress, having a genuine impact on people’s lives.

Sufferers come to their dentist seeking relief from the pain of hypersensitivity and, as a result, there is a wide range of toothpastes aimed at patients with sensitivity available on the market. Many patients have tried them all, with varying degrees of success.

That’s because dentine hypersensitivity is not straightforward to treat. A UK expert forum on dentine hypersensitivity produced management guidelines, which identified three main categories into which patients with hypersensitivity will fall, and different management strategies appropriate to each (Gillam et al, 2013).

‘There isn’t one single cause of sensitivity, so there can’t be a single product that is the gold standard,’ explained Dr David Gillam, who chaired the forum. ‘It’s like Cinderella’s slipper – one size does not fit all.’

"It's not the amount of fluoride that counts but the length of time it's in contact with the tooth"

Read the full article.


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  • Date: September 20, 2018
  • Category: Dental News
Biomin F toothpaste occlude tubules

Why BioMin F Toothpaste Is A Gamechanger For Dental Hygienists

Moira Crawford talks to hygienists who have had astonishing results and are keen to share their experiences with colleagues.

In practice, BioMin F has been available for over a year, and hygienists in the UK and elsewhere have been astonished by the results they have seen both in their own families and their most problematic patients.

Sam Davidson, a dental hygienist who works in practices across Kent and the South East of England, has been recommending BioMin F to patients with sensitivity who have had no success with the major sensitivity brands. She trialled it first on herself, having developed sensitivity to cold air after starting whitening treatment. ‘After 14 days of using BioMin F the sensitivity had gone and I could continue with the whitening,’ she said. She then handed samples to 30 patients and all gave positive feedback. Most have continued to buy BioMin™ F.

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  • Date: September 11, 2018
  • Category: Dental News
Why BioMin F Toothpaste Is A Gamechanger For Dental Hygienists

BioMin Toothpaste With A Heart Of Glass

Written by Chris Branfield, Principal Dentist at Castle Park Dental Care, Cottingham.

A while ago I was asked to do a TV advert for Sensodyne. I liked their “Repair and Protect” toothpaste because it contains a bio-glass that sticks to surface like a protective layer and helps stop tooth sensitivity. However, there is now a new toothpaste containing an even more beneficial bio-glass called Biomin.

Traditionally, to try and strengthen teeth and protect against decay with a toothpaste, fluoride is used in quite high concentrations. Most adult toothpastes have 1,450 parts per million (ppm) and one that has to be prescribed contains 5,000ppm. That’s a lot of fluoride! This is soluble fluoride so it washes away quite quickly and has to be used correctly and not swallowed.

Research shows that you benefit more from low doses of fluoride with a sustained release than from a high dose that washes away.

"It is not the amount of fluoride that counts but the length of time it is in contact with the teeth".

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  • Date: September 11, 2018
  • Category: Dental News
Biomin Toothpaste Heart Of Glass Article

Two Major Breakthroughs In Composite Technology

It's not by chance that Estelite SQ has been voted 'Best Universal Composite' by the Dental Advisor magazine for the past 9 years. Two technological breakthroughs make it so very different to other composites and give so many benefits!

Breakthrough 1

Tokuyama Is Made With “Aesthetic Pearl Fillers” Where Others Are Made With “Broken Rocks”!
Supra-nano Spherical Filler is produced using the Sol-Gel method. This allows Tokuyama to grow spheres of specific translucency, colour, size and refractive index for optimal optical and physical performance.
Other composites are made from blocks of filler that are randomly ground thereby compromising the product.

Breakthrough 2

RAP Accelerated Curing gives Extended Working Time with 10 second light cure!
In conventional light curing, Camphorquinone (CQ) catalyst generates one energised Monomer each reactive cycle. Tokuyama’s innovative initiator system energizes several Monomer molecules each reactive cycle. The benefit is that less CQ gives a longer working time and the ability to energise lots of Monomer with a short cure time.

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  • Date: September 10, 2018
  • Category: Dental News
Estelite Pearl Technology

Kerator - Your Best Choice In Overdenture

The Kerator Overdenture system is a popular choice amongst clinicians as it provides improved system componentry at the point of ordering and can be placed clinically across both implant abutments & components and also into roots of endodontically treated teeth.

Kerator abutments are compatible with all implant systems* including Adin, Nobel Biocare, Starumann, 3I, Astra, Straumann, Ankylos, Biohorizon, Biolok, Bicon, Camlog, Endopore, Frialit-2 & Xive, Lifecore, Zimmer (Calcitek, Paragon, Swissplus), Uniti, Pitt-Easy, Osstem, Dentium, Dio, Dentis, Megagen, Cowell Medi, Warantec and many more.

If your implant system is not listed or you are unsure which abutment you need, please visit our Kerator abutment website and choose the relevant implant manufacturer. After selecting the implant type, the correct abutment will then be shown to you. Should your implant system not be listed, please call us on 01274 885544.

Kerator components and instruments are also available individually.

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  • Date: September 10, 2018
  • Category: Dental News
Kerator - Your best choice in overdenture

Adin Dental Implants - Exceptional Primary Stability And Orientation

Understanding Adin Implant’s Success And Appeal

Israel has more scientists and engineers per capita than any other country in the world. A well-educated workforce available for staffing high technology enterprises such as Adin.

"The technology sector is what makes Israel’s economy so successful and the human factor is the most important link in the process of value creation”.

It is this drive for optimal performance that is the driving force behind Adin Implants. Israel has the largest implant market in the world in proportion to its population. There are 400 implants for every 10,000 people while in the United States for example, there are only 50 implants per 10,000 people.

Opposite graph illustrates that of the major brands tested by New York University, Adin proved effective. Download the full study here.

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  • Date: June 19, 2018
  • Category: Dental News
Adin dental Implants with exceptional primary stability and orientation

Protection Against Acid Erosion

How BioMin F toothpaste provides arguably the best protection against acid erosion

Biomin F toothpaste incorporates a 5% bioactive glass, which is able to slowly release calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions to form acid-resistant fluorapatite for up to 12 hours after brushing. It is a major breakthrough for
oral care and is the result of over a decade of scientific research at Queen Mary University of London.
The very fine glass particles (5 microns average) adhere to the tooth surfaces – in a similar manner to the adhesion
of glass ionomers to tooth surfaces.

The encapsulation of fluoride in a bioglass of Biomin F is a completely different delivery system to traditional
soluble fluoride toothpastes and is not subject to salivary clearance. Studies at QMUL have also identified that
when salivary fluoride concentration is above 45ppm, calcium fluorite rather than fluorapatite is precipitated

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  • Date: June 11, 2018
  • Category: Dental News
Biomin toothpaste protecting against acid erosion

Does More Fluoride = More Protection?

The Context - Some Shocking Tooth Decay Facts!

  • Over 179,000 teeth were extracted from 0-9-year-olds in dental practices in 2017.
  • 25% of 5-year-olds suffer from tooth decay.
  • Over 45,000 hospital admissions for 0-19-year-olds were due to tooth decay in 2017.
  • A whopping 74% of all adults have had to have a tooth extracted. 66% have visible plaque.
  • It costs the NHS £50m a year on hospital-based tooth extractions for under 19s.


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  • Date: March 1, 2018
  • Category: Dental News
Does More Fluoride = More Protection?

The Elexxion Laser Beams Into The Dentistry Show!!!

Finally – a dental laser “Made in Germany” that combines mobility and professionalism!

So brilliantly simple, the Elexxion Pico provides everything you need and with just five “buttons", you can navigate your way through a wealth of scientifically recognised treatment options.

It's a well known fact that high-quality dental lasers enable you to achieve results more quickly and to work more effectively. And that spares the nerves of patients too!

Another positive side effect is that word soon gets around that your practice is using a state-of-the-art dental laser for treatment, giving you a clear advantage among potential patients!

Download the Elexxion Pico brochure & price list.

The Elexxion Pico is taking centre stage on the Trycare stand (E40) at The Dentistry Show and is sure to grab everyone's attention!

Visit us to see the laser for yourself, discuss the benefits of providing a laser treatment service at your practice and why the offer price needs some serious consideration!

Trycare's also hosting FREE CPD seminars throughout the show - Click here for details!

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  • Date: May 10, 2017
  • Category: Dental News
The Elexxion Laser Beams Into The Dentistry Show

BioMin Technologies Competition for Dental Hygienists

Clinical Case Study Competition!

This is a fantastic opportunity for dental hygienists to win a 3 month research placement at Queen Mary University of London, Department of Dental Physical Science, under the tutelage of Professor Hill.

See the competition details below or download the PDF.

Information & video on BioMinF Toothpaste.


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  • Date: February 16, 2017
  • Category: Dental News
BioMin Technologies Competition for Dental Hygienists

BioMinF Toothpaste - Quality Over Quantity

Oral Health magazine asks Professor Robert Hill how less fluoride can actually be more.

Key Headings:

  • 'The Problem With Fluoride Toothpastes'

  • 'How Fluoride Works In BioMinF'

  • Rigorous Testing''

Click here to download the full report.

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  • Date: January 25, 2017
  • Category: Dental News
BioMinF Toothpaste - Less Fluoride Is More

Tokuyama Estelite Wins Again!

Tokuyama Estelite Wins Top Composite Award For The 8th Year Running!

THE DENTAL ADVISOR awards are one of the most respected awards in the USA created to recognize quality products and equipment, taking into account clinical and evidence-based research to honor the best.

Tokuyama Estelite Sigma Quick is a highly aesthetic anterior and posterior composite which is very popular in the US and Europe.

Trycare is the UK distributor and has an time-limited introductory offer.

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  • Date: January 19, 2017
  • Category: Dental News
Tokuyama Estelite Wins Top Dental Composite Award

BioMinF Toothpaste Stockists

Since the successful launch of BoiMinF toothpaste to our network of dentists across the UK, we now seek high street retailers to stock the product.

Not only is it a fantastic product, you'll be supported with images and other collateral to add to your own marketing effort.

The product is popular, getting excellent consumer reviews and is becoming the topic of more and more magazine & blog articles. The brand is building and it's the perfect time to add it to your range!

Click to find out more about BioMinF toothpaste and get in touch to discuss supply and margin.

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  • Date: November 24, 2016
  • Category: Dental News

Breakthrough BioMinF Sees Toothpaste Launch Success

It’s been smiles all round since the introduction of BioMinF toothpaste to the UK consumer & professional markets

BioMinF puts back the lost minerals from tooth enamel and helps prevent decay and treats sensitivity.

Thousands of tubes of the toothpaste were sold within a few weeks of launching the product in the UK and the feedback received from customers has been “overwhelmingly positive”, says Richard Whatley, CEO of Biomin Technologies Ltd.

"The potential of this toothpaste is massive"


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  • Date: July 26, 2016
  • Category: Dental News
BioMin UK Launch Success