DENTAL NEWS - OsteoBiol Is Almost Indistinguishable From Autologous Bone!

  • Date: October 18, 2018

Viscous collagen gel that binds graft particulates, aids placement and resists in situ distortion

OsteoBiol® TSV Gel has thermo-gelling properties that provide mechanical stability to bone substitute granules and barrier membranes. At low temperature (4°C) the gel is relatively flowable and easy to mix with graft and manipulate but becomes more viscous when exposed to body temperature.

Significantly improved putty-like handling and stability OsteoBiol TSV Gel contains heterologous type I and III collagen gel with polyunsaturated fat acids diluted in aqueous solution that contains a biocompatible synthetic copolymer that gives it its gelification kinetics.

The viscosity is at its minimum at 4°C. but increases rapidly with temperature until it plateaus at 13°C. At body temperature OsteoBiol® TSV Gel is gel-like. It does not fully harden but keeps a soft consistency and when mixed with GenOss® granules creates an easy to handle and pressure-resistant putty. The mixture becomes a stable, sticky and putty-like conglomerate that is easily placed in a defect. OsteoBiol TSV Gel is biocompatible and rapidly resorbed.
It is sterilized by Gamma irradiation, is radio transparent and thermo-reversible.

osteobiol graph

Clinical indications

The viscosity of OsteoBiol TSV Gel significantly improves the stability of Gen-Os granules and is particularly beneficial in cases where there is little bony support around the defect e.g. lateral augmentation, sockets with a compromised buccal wall, dehiscences and periodontal one and two wall defects.

Additionally the viscosity of OsteoBiol TSV Gel improves the fixing and handling of Evolution membranes, particularly during the delicate phase of flap closure. OsteoBiol TSV Gel can also be used as a cicatrizing agent for the treatment of cutaneous and mucosal lesions. You may also not be aware of the excellent biocompatibility and total safety guaranteed by the Tecnoss® certified manufacturing process.

OsteoBiol’s new generation of biomaterials, thanks to a revolutionary technology, go beyond the simple role of aiding natural bone regrowth by stimulating and accelerating contact osteogenesis.

Synthetic or natural?

Research and development of biomaterials is always toward one goal: healing the defect with new quality tissue in the least possible time. Clinical results show a clear superiority of products of natural origin over those of synthetic derivation. The structure of animal bone is morphologically more like human bone than any synthesized product. Over the last twenty years several processes have been developed for heterologous materials that can be grafted into the human body without adverse reaction. The first products showed encouraging clinical results, even if made of bone mineral matrix only.

You may not immediately realise the xenogenic origin of OsteoBiol biomaterials, and the collagen preserved in each granule by Tecnoss innovative biotechnology. Not until you use OsteoBiol grafting materials in your first surgery to experience the unique handling and witness the clinical response of your patient, will you realise the true potential of these innovative products.

OsteoBiol is a complete and innovative range of biomaterials; a family of products designed for each specific clinical indication.

Osteobiol App

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Click to view all Osteobiol products. TSV Gel is supplied with the Gen-Os granules as a complete pack in porcine or equine. Sizes are:

  • 0.5g Gen-Os with 0.5cc syringe of TSV Gel
  • 1g Gen-Os with 1.0cc syringe of TSV Gel

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