About Us

Trycare is an independent dealer with over 28,000 dental and chiropody products supplying thousands of dentists and podiatrists across the UK. Whatever you need, you can get it from Trycare.

Taking The Pain Away...
We are focussed on taking the pain away from the strains of your daily operation by delivering tried and tested, high quality treatment pathway solutions to your practice alongside all of your other product needs. Many are award-winning and specially chosen and advocated by some of the leading specialists and Key Opinion Leaders around the world.

We aim to be:

  • Unique
  • Innovative
  • Best In Class

We work with high quality professionals who care about patient outcomes, the quality of their work and increased productivity with fewer errors and retreatments at the heart of what they do. We also work with suppliers you can trust and who deliver exceptional value for money and the highest level of customer service.

To arrange for a member of our sales team to call or visit you, please go to our contact us page.

Trycare - Dental Products

Trycare Dental

As well as all your day to day needs, we supply a vast array of specialist surgical products such as implants, draping & gowning and lots of everyday sundry products, plus a few quirky ones!
This includes
Estelite, Dental Advisor Composite of the Year, 10 years in a row, BioMin Toothpaste and Osteobiol bone grafting materials.

We also have over 23 Area Sales Managers across the UK and your local contact can help on any issue and introduce you to many of our new, innovative products.

Trycare chiropody

Trycare Chiropody

As well as your sundries, instruments and equipment, we supply our very own Chirocream, formulated for us by chiropodists.

We also have a 180 page catalogue, so please get in touch whatever way you prefer to order.