Biomin™ F Toothpaste - Armour For Teeth!

BioMin™ F fights tooth decay, combats sensitivity issues & remineralises teeth.
It contains a bioactive glass that bonds to teeth for up to 12 hours and is the only toothpaste to encapsulate calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions within the bioglass structure.

DID YOU KNOW? Regular toothpastes contain a soluble form of fluoride and this is washed away and becomes therapeutically ineffective against acid attack after approximately 90 minutes from brushing!

Biomin Fluoride Protection

BioMin™ F - Slow, Optimal Fluoride Release!

BioMin™ F slowly dissolves on the tooth surface throughout the day (and night) releasing the minerals to help form a fluorapatite layer on the tooth (Armour for Teeth). This slow release and protection rapidly increases as sugary foods and drinks are consumed and the teeth come under increased acid attack. BioMin™ F is the only toothpaste giving 24 hour fluoride protection when brushed twice a day!

As Biomin™ F slowly releases an optimal level of fluoride over a long period of time, it only contains 600ppm, instead of the usual 1,450 of regular toothpastes.

How Biomin™ F Differs From NovaMin

  • Novamin is a bioglass structure usually containing calcium and phosphate. BioMin™ F uniquely contains fluoride within the bioglass too!
  • Novamin helps to form a hydroxyapatite layer on the tooth surface, but BioMin F forms a fluorapatite layer. Fluorapatite is 10 times more resistant to acid attack than hydroxyapatite!
  • The BioMin™ F bioglass particles are just 5 microns in size, so are generally smaller than Novamin particles. This helps them occlude exposed tubules better and help form fluorapatite.
  • Hydroxyapatite is less resistant to acid attack, so tubules remain occluded for longer after acid attack.
  • Biomin has a much higher phosphate content, further aiding the faster formation of apatite.

Dentine Hypersensitivity

The fluorapatite formed with BioMin™ F forms not just on the surface of the tooth but also preferentially on the apatite rich walls of the peritubular dentine within the dentinal tubules.

Many users report instant relief from tooth sensitivity pain achieved by the blocking of tubules and fluorapatite formation. This is 10 times more resistant to acid attack than hydroxyapatite, so the tubules tend to remain occluded for longer.

Other BioMin™ F Facts

  • Smaller, softer particles makes BioMin™ F less gritty in the mouth and less abrasive on the enamel and dentine.
  • Does NOT contain bio-plastics.
  • Vegan-friendly.