DENTAL NEWS - BioMin® e-Academy

  • Date: August 6, 2020
DENTAL NEWS - BioMin® e-Academy

BioMin® are delighted to announce the launch of BioMin® e-Academy!

A FREE online learning platform for dental professionals and practitioners to further their education and knowledge base about bioactive glass applications in dentistry, and obtain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits at the same time. The learning programmes featured on the e-Academy are compliant with the General Dental Council (GDC)’s Development Outcomes and each course is linked to one or more of these.

Obtainable from home via BioMin®'s online portal. So register today to obtain those vital extra credits!

BioMin® has developed a wealth of scientific and clinical studies, resources, and programmes which we have been collated on this e-learning platform in an easy to use, bite-sized modular format for professional development. Now you can gain free CPD simply whilst learning more about the technology behind BioMin®!

Resources are in varied formats including articles, videos, clinical studies, scientific papers, questionnaires and training programmes. Each course is categorised by levels 1, 2 or 3; Level 1 is more general information, through to Level 3 being highly scientific. All courses, however, generate CPD in the same manner. Each programme is allotted a certain number of CPD credits in accordance with the length of time the course will take to complete – from 10 minutes to over an hour at a time (but can be done in sections, at your own pace). A CPD certificate will be automatically generated when the necessary study time has been completed and logged on your personal training account.

GDC Development Outcomes:

  1. Effective communication with patients, the dental team, and others across dentistry, including when obtaining consent, dealing with complaints, and raising concerns when patients are at risk.
  2. Effective management of self, and effective management of others or effective work with others in the dental team, in the interests of patients at all times; providing constructive leadership where appropriate.
  3. Maintenance and development of knowledge and skill within your field of practice.
  4. Maintenance of skills, behaviours, and attitudes which maintain patient confidence in you and the dental profession and put patients’ interests first.

Register on BioMin®'s e-Academy website today to learn more about the science behind our award-winning products!

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