A Range of Alcohol Free Disinfection Products

  • Date: May 30, 2022

A Range of Alcohol Free Disinfection Products - Frequently Asked Questions

Continu A Range of Alcohol Free Disinfection Products

What is Continu?
A range of disinfection products for hands, surfaces, floors, instruments and ultrasonic cleaning to meet the cleaning and disinfection needs of any practice. Continu offers a range of HTM 01-05 compliant, alcohol-free disinfectant solutions. The 2 in 1 solution has been tested effective against all enveloped viruses, which includes efficacy against Coronavirus.

Is Continu effective against Coronavirus?
The 2 in 1 formulation has been tested effective against all enveloped viruses, to EN 14476:2013 + A1 2015, by BluTest Laboratories. BluTest confirm that a pass against EN 14476:2013 allows a claim against the Wuhan Virus so, as our 2 in 1 surface cleaner and disinfectant achieves this standard, it may be considered effective against Coronavirus.

How long does it take to work?
Contact times vary but Continu has been independently tested to kill enveloped viruses (like Hepatitis B or HIV) and Mycobacterium (such as TB) within 2 minutes, Yeast and Fungi within a minute and bacteria within 30 seconds. Unlike alcohol which evaporates away Continu remains on the surface to provide a residual decontamination effect that inhibits future growth so it carries on working after application. This prevents harmful micro-organisms returning. Efficacy therefore improves with continued use.

How does Continu support adherence to Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) guidelines?
As Continu products are water based and generally supplied ready to use they have very low hazard ratings which simplifies the COSHH risk assessment process. Continu products are also supplied with a COSHH disc providing instructions for use and data sheets.

Is Continu CE Marked?
Continu products are fully compliant with the relevant EU legislation for each product type.

Where can Continu be used?
Continu is very gentle (due to being water based), meaning it may be used on fabrics, leather, plastics, wood, glass and Corian® work surfaces. Bleach, acid or solvent based solutions may damage surfaces and HTM01-05 notes that “the presence of protein will compromise the efficacy of alcohol-based wipes.”




Available in a cost effective 200pk of wipes, and a refill tub. A 750ml trigger spray, as well as a 5 Litre bottle. These alcohol free products have a lower evaporation rate increasing contact time with the treated areas and delivering a residual decontamination effect.





An alcohol free disinfection solution that does not cause dryness or irritation to skin. Some customers have also reported that after using Continu, dermatitis and other skin conditions have diminished.







Instrument & Ultrasonic Cleaner Concentrate

The Continu Instrument and Ultrasonic Cleaner is a concentrated product that should be diluted at 20:1, so a 5 litre bottle makes 100 litres. It is used for cleaning instruments manually or in an ultrasonic bath prior to sterilisation using a formulation that does not damage equipment but is sufficiently powerful to remove debris very effectively.