Continu Instrument Cleaner 5 Litre


Product description

Continu 5 litre Alcohol free instrument and ultrasonic cleaner concentrate is a "specifically formulated" concentrate solution that is ideal for pre-cleaning instruments as it is so gentle that it will not damage equipment, but the surfactant is sufficiently powerful to remove debris.
HTM01-05 highlights that “alcohol has been shown to bind blood protein to stainless steel (so) the use of alcohol with dental instruments should therefore be avoided.”
The Continu instrument cleaner has been shown in tests against leading alcohol-based alternatives to more effectively eliminate protein from surfaces.
The Instrument Cleaner may be used for manual cleaning or in Ultrasonic Baths.
Mixing Instructions:
Wear appropriate hand and eye protection when mixing undiluted product. For maximum efficiency, put 1 litre of water (at less than 40°C) then add 50ml of the instrument cleaner to make up the diluted solution. The Continu solution 5 litre bottle should make up 100 litres.

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