DENTAL NEWS - BioMin® F: forming a protective barrier after GBT

  • Date: May 20, 2019

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By Moira Crawford, freelance health writer and editor.

‘I apply a smear layer of BioMin® F toothpaste after Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT), and this provides a protective barrier, remineralising the tooth surface and preventing sensitivity and staining, until the pellicle is restored’

Sam Davison, hygienist SE England
I have been practising Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) for some time now, as it is an effective and minimally invasive technique to remove biofilm from patients’ teeth. Biofilm has been shown to be an important precursor to caries, periodontal disease and peri-implant infections.

GBT involves the use of prophylaxis to remove this bacterial layer, but as it does so, it also removes the protective pellicle on the surface of the teeth, stripping it back to the surface, which leaves it at risk of developing sensitivity and of picking up stains.

I now apply a smear of BioMin® F toothpaste to the patient’s teeth after GBT to remineralise the tooth surface that has been stripped. The calcium, fluoride and phosphate act together to form fluorapatite to remineralise the tooth surface and protect the tooth until the pellicle has been restored.

My approach is to carry out the GBT, then any scaling needed to remove residual calculus, then apply the BioMin® F with a gloved finger. Patients no longer experience any sensitivity after the procedure because a natural barrier has been created and the fluorapatite is so similar to natural tooth enamel.

I advise patients not to eat or drink for 45 minutes after GBT, and to avoid anything that could cause staining, like tea, coffee or smoking, for two hours, as the exposed tooth surface will be porous. Some, however, say they can’t wait two hours for a cigarette, so I feel that by applying a protective layer BioMin® F I am doing the best I can to protect their teeth!

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