BioMinF Toothpaste - Quality Over Quantity

  • Date: January 25, 2017
BioMinF Toothpaste - Less Fluoride Is More

Oral Health magazine asks Professor Robert Hill how less fluoride can actually be more.

Key Headings:

  • 'The Problem With Fluoride Toothpastes'

  • 'How Fluoride Works In BioMinF'

  • Rigorous Testing''

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Oral Health Magazine article extracts:

Referring to other toothpastes

'...after around only 100 minutes the amount of fluoride that remains is below therapeutic levels'.

'A further drawback is that high concentrations of fluoride form calcium fluoride (also known as fluorite) instead of fluorapatite, which is what is required for effective remineralisation.'

Referring to BioMinF

'Because the fluoride in BiominF is incorporated within the structure of the glass, it is delivered gradually as the glass dissolves, and therefore a lower concentration (approximately equivalent to 500ppm) is required, yet is actually more effective'.

...the fluoride contained within the glass structure of Biomin F is released slowly over around 12 hours and is therefore used more effectively'.

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