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**Sales are restricted to the UK including Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.**surgical spirit twice a day to the treated area.

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Verrutop is available for professional use only and will only be supplied to registered Podiatrists and Foot Health Practitioners.
Verrutop is a painless and highly effective topical treatment for difficult warts using a unique nitric-zinc complex based solution.
The nitri-zinc complex kills the wart tissue by breaking down its protein structure, leaving intact skin underneath.


Verrutop is suitable for adults and children as young as 6 years old.
  • On pregnant women or anyone breast feeding.
  • On patients with arteriopathy and/or peripheral neuropathies, such as diabetics.
  • On healthy skin, on the face, on inflamed skin or mucous membranes, on malignant cutaneous tumours, on flat warts, on ephelides (freckles) or on keloids (intense scarring reaction).
  • In case of a concomitant cutaneous pathology, a doctor will decide on the risk/benefit of treatment.
  • In concomitant treatment with other topical wart removers.

Please read instructions carefully before use.

Pack Contains: 4x ampoules 100µll Nitrizinc Complex®, 6 capillaries and an instruction booklet.

Store at ambient temperature. Crystallisation may be seen at below 8°C, which does not mean degradation of the product.
In this case, wait for the product to return to ambient temperature before using it.
Once an ampoule has been opened, Verrutop® must be used within the following 24 hours.

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UVTOPA4 Pack of 4

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