Kerr Nexus Universal Cement


Product description

Nexus Universal, a universal adhesive resin cement allowing you to cut your procedure steps by up to half while delivering up to 2x higher bond strength on any substrate. Nexus Universal also offers a flexible workflow to accommodate your preferred cementation technique and stay confident in a strong bond. The universal cement also pairs with leading universal bonding agents including OptiBond Universal.

Simplify Cementation: Dark cure mode simplifies steps by up to 50% regardless of which leading universal adhesive you use.

One-PeelCleanup: Ensures easy cleanup each and every time with one easy peel.

Choose Your Bonding Agent: Dark-cure compatibility with any leading universal bonding agent including OptiBond Universal. No dual-cure activators required.

Nexus Universal Chroma cement: Dispenses pink and gradually fades to the cement shade, indicating the optimal time to clean excess cement.

Trial Kit Contains:1 x 5g Syringe (Clear), 8 x OptiBond Universal Unit Dose Pawns, Accessories.

Intro Kit Contains:4 x 5g Syringes (Clear, Clear w/ Chroma, White, Yellow), 1 x OptiBond Universal Bottle, Accessories.

Ref Description Options
UNXAINT Automix Intro Kit Each
UNXATRI Automix Trial Kit Each
UNXABLE Automix Syringe Bleach 5g Pack of 2
UNXACLR Automix Syringe Clear 5g Pack of 2
UNXACCH Automix Syringe Clear Chroma 5g Pack of 2
UNXAWHT Automix Syringe White 5g Pack of 2
UNXAWOP Automix Syringe Opaque White 5g Pack of 2
UNXAYEL Automix Syringe Yellow 5g Pack of 2
UNXAMTR Automix Mixing Tip Regular Pack of 50
UNXAMTW Automix Mixing Tip Wide Pack of 50

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