MCT Implant Fixture Removal Kit & Tips


Product description

An excellent combination of implant remover tools and trephine burs.
Simply select the correct sized fixture remover tip and screw it into the implant until it locks tight using the hand adaptor and then use the wrench to ensure it is locked tight in the implant. Remove the wrench from the fixture remover tip and flip the wrench over to enable the fixture remover and implant to be reverse screwed out the site. This method of implant removal tends to be very successful. If it is not possible to remove the implant by this method then choose the correct diameter trephine to correspond to the implant diameter and remove. The fixture remover tips can be used with any implant that has an internal screw thread.

There are three different sizes of Fixture Remover Tips, Mini, Regular and Wide. Use the Mini sized tips to remove implants between 3 & 4mm diameter, Regular sized tips to remove implants between 4 & 5mm diameter and Wide sized tips to remove implants between 5 & 8mm diameter.
Although, you can use the small sizes screw to remove large diameter implants (the screw will engage the implant), it may be difficult to disengage the implant from the screw after removal, when using a smaller screw for a larger implant.

Replacement fixture removal tip for use with the MCT fixture remover kit are available to purchase in packets of three.

Ref Description Options
URKI000 Kit Each
URTI003 Tip Mini Each
URTI001 Tip Regular Each
URTI002 Tip Wide Each

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