Dentsply CEREC Tessera Block


Product description

CEREC Tessera CAD/CAM blocks provide outstanding esthetics for a truly tooth-like restoration. They achieve exceptional three-way performance through a unique chemistry that incorporates two complementary crystal structures within a glassy zirconia matrix. These two crystals work together to create an unprecedented fusion of strength and beauty in one block while significantly improving overall processing time. Up to 32% higher biaxial strength for restoration longevity and up to 44% faster total processing time for greater patient satisfaction and a more profitable procedure. You can use CEREC Tessera blocks with confidence for full-coverage crowns, inlays/onlays, and veneers. And you can count on the material’s strength even at wall thicknesses down to 1.0 mm, giving you greater flexibility in your restoration designs.
Starter Kits Contains:

  • 2 each: A1 (MT), A2 (MT + HT), A3 (MT + HT),A3.5 (MT).
  • Honeycomb + firing pads
  • Investment pins
  • Overglaze + glaze liquid
  • Stain/glaze brushes
  • Moldable silicone
  • Diamond-coated tweezers


Ref Description Options
UCTS000 Starter Kit Each
UCTMTA4 A1 MT C14 Pack of 4
UCTHTA2 A2 HT C14 Pack of 4
UCTMTA2 A2 MT C14 Pack of 4
UCTHTA3 A3 HT C14 Pack of 4
UCTMTA3 A3 MT C14 Pack of 4
UCTMTA5 A3.5 MT C14 Pack of 4
UCTMTB1 B1 MT C14 Pack of 4
UCTMBL2 BL2 MT/LT C14 Pack of 4
UCTMTC1 C1 MT C14 Pack of 4
UCTMTD2 D2 MT C14 Pack of 4

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