Product description

GC Fuji II LC Improved is the world-wide leading light-cured glassionomer cement. Although designed primarily as a restorative material for use in Class III, V and deciduous teeth, GC Fuji II LC Improved is a multipurpose material, with secondary indications such as liner, base and core build-up.


    Ref Description Options
    UFTK000 3+2 Intro Each
    UFCR0A1 Capsule A1 Pack of 50
    UFCR0A2 Capsule A2 Pack of 50
    UFCR0A3 Capsule A3 Pack of 50
    UFCRA35 Capsule A3.5 Pack of 50
    UFCR0A4 Capsule A4 Pack of 50
    UFCR0B2 Capsule B2 Pack of 50
    UFCR0B3 Capsule B3 Pack of 50
    UFCR0B4 Capsule B4 Pack of 50
    UFCR0C2 Capsule C2 Pack of 50
    UFCR0C4 Capsule C4 Pack of 50
    UFCR0D2 Capsule D2 Pack of 50
    UFTLA50 Capsule Assortment Pack of 50
    UFTP0A1 Powder A1 15g Each
    UFTP0A2 Powder A2 15g Each
    UFTP0A3 Powder A3 15g Each
    UFTPA35 Powder A3.5 15g Each
    UFTP0A4 Powder A4 15g Each
    UFTP0B2 Powder B2 15g Each
    UFTP0B3 Powder B3 15g Each
    UFTP0B4 Powder B4 15g Each
    UFTP0C4 Powder C4 15g Each
    UFTP0D2 Powder D2 15g Each
    UFTL000 Liquid 6.8ml Each
    UFTP0C2 LC Powder C2 15g Each

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