OsteoBiol® by Tecnoss

Vascularisation Is Key For Clinical Success

Dual-phase biomaterials are progressively resorbed by osteoclasts and replaced by new vital bone, produced by osteoblasts and similar to autogenous bone grafts.
The progressive resorption of OsteoBiol® granules allows an adequate colonization of the grafting site by new vessels, and is therefore a positive and significant factor within the regenerative process.
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NEW OsteoBiol® GTO® with TSV Gel

Available in 0.5 and 2.0cc syringes, OsteoBiol® GTO® is Tecnoss’s new ready-to-use pre-hydrated biomaterial that can be easily dispensed into defect sites direct from the syringe.
It enables clinicians to skip the hydration phase with saline or blood, saving time and decreasing the risk of accidental exposure to pathogens. Read the article...

OsteoBiol® GTO® contains Tecnoss’s innovative OsteoBiol® TSV Gel which ensures optimal stickiness of the material, allowing easy adaptability to the recipient site and extreme stability. Buy GTO.

GTO is a ready to use sticky bone graft

The Role Of Collagen

Collagen supports Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) differentiation and enhances osteoblast proliferation and is considered as the ideal substrate for bone forming cells.
OsteoBiol®dual-phase bone substitutes naturally contain 22% collagen as a consequence of the patented OsteoBiol process. We add extra collagen gel to our syringe packed grafts to improve handling and stability but this introduces higher proportion of Collagen into the graft site.

Synthetic Or Natural?

All OsteoBiol products are of porcine or equine origin. Clinical results show a clear superiority of natural products over synthetics. Animal bone, particularly porcine, has similar morphologically to human bone unlike synthesized products. OsteoBiol is almost indistinguishable from autologous bone! Read the full blog article...

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Clinical indications

The viscosity of OsteoBiol TSV Gel significantly improves the stability of Gen-Os granules and is particularly beneficial in cases where there is little bony support around the defect e.g. lateral augmentation, sockets with a compromised buccal wall, dehiscences and periodontal one and two wall defects. Additionally the viscosity of OsteoBiol TSV Gel improves the fixing and handling of Evolution membranes, particularly during the delicate phase of flap closure. OsteoBiol TSV Gel can also be used as a cicatrizing agent for the treatment of cutaneous and mucosal lesions.

Dr Patrick Palacci using Osteobiol Gen-Os + TSV Gel