Perfection Plus

Perfection Plus is an independent medical goods manufacturer with over 45 years’ experience supplying healthcare professionals all across the UK and worldwide. The Perfection Plus product range is a high quality, exceptionally priced offering, covering everything from Sterilisation Pouches and Infection Control essentials, through to durable and reliable podiatry instruments and tools and so much more.

Healthcare professionals can rely on Perfection Plus products for predictable performance, great quality and affordable prices.

As part of the Perfection Plus environmental commitment to reducing our footprint, there is an increasing focus on eco-conscious products, such as the Protect+ Bio Sanitiser range. The importance of using sustainable and recyclable packaging are used wherever possible and continuing to commit to reducing the use of plastics in product manufacturing and packaging, is at the heart of this.

You can count on Perfection Plus to be your Perfect Partner!

GO GREEN! Perfection Plus is committed to using recycled materials in the manufacturing of our product packaging wherever possible. They are also committed to ensuring their product packaging is fully recyclable providing it does not have a detrimental effect on product quality. They are also focusing on introducing biodegradable and recyclable products into their range. Look out for the recycling symbol on the packaging as this shows that it can be recycled.

ES119 Black File Small Head

Hand crafted blacks file made from stainless steel. Designed to assist the professional podiatrist, with the rasp crafted at 45 degrees, to file the nail more efficiently.

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ES122 Swan Neck Probe Small Head

Hand crafted premium probe made from stainless steel. The probe`s fine end is ideal for removing debris from under the nail free edge or sulci.

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FD8 Diamond Deb Foot Dresser 20.5cm (8 inch)

Hand crafted with diamond debris surface made from stainless steel. Long lasting abrasive filing. Ideal for sanding stubborn skin on the foot or thick nails.

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For all your essentials

We've got everything you need in focus. Shop the Protect+ range of environmentally kind, non-hazardous products - made in the UK. All your favourite Probes, Dressers and Blacks Files including the NEW Titanium Rainbow Coated DE Straight/Curved. Find a copy in your next order or download a digital version below.

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For Re-usable Hand-Held Instruments

Perfection Plus’s range of re-usable hand-held instruments are non-powered instruments comprising of both fixed and simple hinged assemblies that have been designed to perform specific functions such as cutting, scraping, grasping, retracting, clamping, probing and aspirating.

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Perfection Plus are a proudly independent, British company established over 40 years ago

Established by a Dental Professional in 1977, for 45 years we have been manufacturing and supplying the Perfection Plus brand of products worldwide.

With distribution partners in over 50 countries we continue to expand and develop our network and our product range.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Dental, Veterinary and Podiatry products, enabling our distribution partners to effectively service the routine requirements of their Professional Customers.

All our products are manufactured to the highest quality and supported by an established Quality Management System in compliance with the EN ISO 13485 standard and the relevant Articles/Annexes of the MDD 93/42/EEC (as amended by 2007/47/EC), thereafter transitioning to Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on Medical Devices.