NSK Ti-Max Handpiece X-95 1:5 CA Standard Head


Product description

X Series premium contra-angles feature the latest technology The X Series embodies the latest technological advances and NSK know how. The X gear system delivers extremely silent operation with minimal vibration to facilitate efficient and comfortable treatment. Quality, functionality and superior performance are synonymous with the X Series. Product Features -DURACOAT -Solid Titanium Body -Clean Head System -Smallest Head -Cellular Glass Optics (X95L, X85L) -Ceramic Bearings -Ultra Push Chuck -Quattro Water Spray (X95L/X95) -Single Water Spray (X85L/X85) -Ergonomic Comfort Grip X95 -Non-optic -Max 200,000min-1 -For FG burs(Ø1.6) -Quattro (4) Spray

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UNSKX95 Each

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