Tokuyama Estecem II Cement

Tokuyama Estecem Cement


Product description

ESTECEM II is a dual-cure (light and/or self-cure), radiopaque, adhesive resin cement system with excellent handling, esthetic and adhesive properties to teeth and all prosthetic materials.
Cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays made of glass/oxide ceramics (porcelain, zirconia and alumina), metals/alloys (precious and non-precious) and resin materials including inorganic filler (composite materials).

Estecem II Kit Universal Contains:
Paste Universal (2x 4.7g),Universal Bond A (5.0ml),Universal Bond B (5.0ml),5 x Mini mixing tip, 5 x nozzle for mini mixing tip, 15 x cement mixing tip, 25 x disposable applicator, 5 x disposable mixing well,1 x mixing well.

Ref Description Options
TK0330 Universal Kit Each
TK0334 Automix Paste White Opaque 2x4.7g Each
TK0333 Automix Paste Brown 2x4.7g Each
TK0332 Automix Paste Clear 2x4.7g Each
TK0331 Automix Paste Universal 2x4.7g Each
TK0335 Mini Mixing Tips Pack of 40
TK0336 Mini Mixing Tip Nozzle Pack of 40

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