Tokuyama Estecem II Plus Cement

Tokuyama Estecem Cement


Product description

Introducing NEW Tokuyama Estecem II Plus - now with no need for additional primers or activators and universally usable on prosthetic surfaces

ESTECEM II PLUS is a composite cement for the entire indication spectrum of indirect cementations. Thanks to the TOKUYAMA UNIVERSAL BOND II contained in the system, ESTECEM II PLUS can be used universally on all prosthetic surfaces without restrictions. Without additional primers or activators, the same procedure always applies to all surfaces: mix 1:1, apply, air blow, and finished!

Properties and benefits:

  • Universally usable
  • Reliable bond strength to tooth structure and prothesis
  • Excellent physical properties and high wear resistance
  • Low water absorption and low solubility
  • Outstanding aesthetics and colour stability
  • Good radiopacity
  • Simple handling and easy removal of excess material

Available colours:

  • Universal: A shade having a tooth colour. Ideal for Anterior aesthetic Restorations, and generally a wide range of shade matching cases. Universal shade is included in Kit.
  • Clear: A colourless and transparent shade. Suitable for aesthetic Crown and Veneers where the underlying tooth colour provides most of the colour needs.
  • Brown: A shade having a dentin colour. Suitable for ceramic or composite resin crowns.
  • White-Opaque: A shade with high opacity. Suitable for veneer and other cases requiring masking of the underlying colour.

Estecem II Plus Kit contains:

  • Bond A (5 ml),
  • Bond B (4 ml),
  • Color Universal Paste A/B (vol 2,3 ml each / poid 4,7 g each),
  • 15 Cementing Mixing Tip,
  • 5 Mini Mixing Tip S,
  • 5 Nozzle for Mixing Tip S,
  • Mixing well,
  • 5 Dimple Disposable mixing wells,
  • 25 Disposable applicator brushes


    Ref Description Options
    TK0330 Universal Kit Each
    TK0334 Automix Paste White Opaque 2x4.7g Each
    TK0333 Automix Paste Brown 2x4.7g Each
    TK0332 Automix Paste Clear 2x4.7g Each
    TK0331 Automix Paste Universal 2x4.7g Each
    TK0335 Mini Mixing Tips Pack of 40
    TK0336 Mini Mixing Tip Nozzle Pack of 40

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