Kerr Nexus NX3 Cement


Product description

Universally indicated for all indirect applications. NX3 is a permenant resin cement system with an innovative chemistry for unmatched aesthetics, adhesion and great versatility. Delivery system choices include an automix syringe for dual cure indications and a light cure cement for multiple units where unlimited working time is needed.

Ref Description Options
UNX3LBL Light Cure Syringe Bleach 1.8g Each
UNX3LCC Light Cure Syringe Clear 1.8g Each
UNX3LWO Light Cure Syringe Opaque White 1.8g Each
UNX3LCW Light Cure Syringe White 1.8g Each
UNX3LCY Light Cure Syringe Yellow 1.8g Each
UNX3BLE Automix DC Syringe Bleach Each
UNX3CLR Automix DC Syringe Clear Each
UNX3WHO Automix DC Syringe Opaque White Each
UNX3WHT Automix DC Syringe White Each
UNX3YEL Automix DC Syringe Yellow Each
UNX3TPS Automix Tips Pk50 Pack of 50

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