JS Davis Panavia 21 Cement


Product description

An adhesive cement that directly bonds to cut enamel, dentin, composite, porcelain, base, semi-precious and precious metals.The mild one-step primer ensure the conditioning of cut enamel and dentin so that there is no need for acid etching and rinsing.

Kit Contains: 1 Catalyst paste 4ml (7.9g),1 Universal paste 4ml (7.6g),1 ED Primer Liquid A 4ml,1 ED Primer Liquid B 4ml , 1 OXYGUARD II 6ml, 1 Etching agent V 5ml, 1 Paste dispenser, 1 Mixing pad , 1 Mixing spatula, 1 Mixing dish, 1 Sponge pledget, 2 Brush holders (white and black), 2 Disposable brush tips.

Ref Description Options
UP210EX EX Complete Kit Each
UP21EXR EX Refill Cartridge Each
UP21EDA ED Primer Liquid A 4ml Each
UP21EDB ED Primer Liquid B 4ml Each
UP21OPE OP Complete Kit Each
TD2493 Opaque Paste Refill Each
UP210TC TC Complete Kit Each
TD0278 TC Refill Cartridge Each
UP21MIX Mixing Pad Blue 83mmx59mm Each

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