JS Davis Panavia F 2.0


Product description

A self etching, self adhesive, dual cure, fluoride releasing cement. For cementation of: Veneers, Inlays, Posts and Metal Cores, Gold Crowns and Bonded Amalgams

Intro Kit Contents: 1.5ml syringes of paste A and B, 1 x 1ml A and B primer + 1.5ml oxyguard.

Ref Description Options
UPFILT0 Light Intro Kit Each
UPFLT00 Light Complete Kit Each
UPFINTO Opaque Intro Kit Each
UPFOP00 Opaque Complete Kit Each
UPFINTTC TC Intro Kit Each
UPFTC00 TC Complete Kit Each
UPFIWH0 White Intro Kit Each
UPFWH00 White Complete Kit Each
UPFP00A Paste A Refill 5g Each
UPFP0BL Paste Refill B Light 2.3ml Each
UPFP0B0 Paste Refill B Opaque 2.3ml Each
UPFP0BW Paste Refill B White 2.3ml Each
UPFPOBT Paste Refill TC 4.6g Each
UP21OXY Oxyguard II Syringe 6ml Each
UPFEDLA ED Primer II A Liquid 4ml Each
UPFEDLB ED Primer II B Liquid 4ml Each
TD3346 Oxyguard Nozzles Pack of 20
UPFMIXD Mixing Dish Each
TD1199 Plastic Spatula White Each

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