JS Davis Panavia SA Cement Universal


Product description

PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal is the new and improved version of PANAVIA™ SA Cement Plus.

PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal now contains the unique LCSi monomer that adheres to virtually every material including glass ceramics without the need for a separate primer. Using a unique silane coupling agent built into the paste - LCSi monomer - the cement delivers a strong, durable chemical bond to porcelain, lithium disilicate and composite resin. The original MDP monomer present in the paste too allows for chemical reactiveness with zirconia, dentin and enamel.

PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal also offers the same wide range of indications for adhesion and is suitable for crowns/bridges, inlays/onlays, posts, and even adhesion bridges. Thanks to its powerful single-step bonding formula, cementation is easier than ever before. The product is available in both automix and handmix options.

Can be stored at room temperature (2-25 degrees C).

Ref Description Options
UPSAUA2 Automix A2 4.6ml Each
UPSAUA0 Automix A2 4.6ml Pack of 3
UPSAUA3 Automix White 4.6ml Each
UPSAUA4 Automix Translucent 4.6ml Each
UPSAUA1 Automix Translucent 4.6ml Pack of 3
UPSAUA5 Automix Mixing Tips Pack of 20
UPSAUA6 Automix Endo Tips SS Pack of 20
UPSAUH4 Hand Mix A2 1.2ml Each
UPSAUH0 Hand Mix A2 5ml Each
UPSAUH3 Hand Mix A2 5ml Pack of 2
UPSAUH1 Hand Mix White 5ml Each
UPSAUH2 Hand Mix Translucent 5ml Each

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