3M Rely X Universal


Product description

3M RelyX ™ Universal Resin cement is delivered in a unique self-closing auto-mixing syringe with micro mixing tips that reduce cement spillage. Together with 3M ™ Scotchbond ™ Universal Plus Adhesive, it is a complete system that covers virtually all indications for self-adhesive and adhesive cements. It has excellent bonding strength, easy removal of excess and beautiful aesthetics. A two-component system that provides a simple workflow with less stress and a saving.

Features Include:

  • Universal dual-curing resin cement for virtually all adhesive and self-adhesive indications.

  • Unique self-closing hygienic automix syringe with minimal waste of cement.

  • Exceptional bond strength, both in chemopolymerization and in photopolymerization

  • Reinforce bond strength on all substrates with 3M ™ Scotchbond ™ Universal Plus Adhesive.

  • Highly aesthetic thanks to four stable shades

  • Virtually no post-operative sensitivity

Intro Kit Contains:1 x syringe 3.4g in the colors TR, A1, A3O, WO; 60 x 3M RelyX ™ Universal Micro mixing tips; 20 x Endo extension tips; 1 x bottle of Scotchbond Universal Plus 5 ml Adhesive; 1 x 3M Scotchbond Universal Etchant and 3ml; 25 x blue application tips for acid; 50 x orange microbrush, visual guide, instructions for use.

Trial Kits Contain:A1 or Translucent 1 x 3.4g cement, 15 x micro mixing tips, 5 x elongation tips, SBU+ Vial
1.5ml, 50 x Brushes size M orange, SBU Etchant 3ml, 25 x Etchant tips.

Value pack includes: 3 x syringes 3.4 g of the Translucent or A1 shade; 45 x 3M ™ RelyX ™ Universal Mixing Tips; 15 x endo lengthening tips; 1 x user manual.

Refill Pack Contains:1 x syringe 3.4 g of chosen shade, 15 x Universal Mixing Tips, 5 x Endo lengthening tips, 1 x User Manual.

Ref Description Options
URUINTR Intro Kit Each
URURPA1 Refill Pack A1 Each
URURPA3 Refill Pack A3O Each
URURPTR Refill Pack Translucent Each
URURPWO Refill Pack WO Each
URUTKA1 Trial Kit A1 Each
URUTKTR Trial Kit Trans Each
URUVPA1 Value Pack A1 Each
URUVPTR Value Pack Translucent Each
URUMIXT Mixing Tips Pack of 30
URUMIXE Mixing (x 15)& Elongation Tips (x15) Pack of 30

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