G-CEM Veneer Cement


Product description

G-CEM Veneer is a light curing resin cement featuring a perfect viscosity and high physical performance. G-CEM Veneer has been designed to offer standardized luting procedure for indirect restorations less than 2 mm thick. Thanks to the Full Silane Coverage (FSC) technology, it possesses unique thixotropic properties that make it easy to dispense, apply and clean up, while maintaining an exceptional strength.


Ref Description Options
UGCVSKT Starter Kit Each
UGCVRA2 Syringe A2 1.7g Each
UGCVRBL Syringe Bleach 1.7g Each
UGCVROP Syringe Opaque 1.7g Each
UGCVRTR Syringe Translucent 1.7g Each

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