ProTaper Gold Assorted Sterile Files


Product description

The ProTaper GOLD file system is now available and replaces the ProTaper Universal file system.

ProTaper Gold rotary files feature the same geometry as ProTaper Universal, but offer an increase in flexibility. This is important in the finishing files, which must navigate challenging curves in the apical region of the canal. The files also feature a shorter, 11-millimeter handle for improve accessibility to teeth. In addition to flexibility, ProTaper Gold provides more than twice the resistance to cyclic fatigue than ProTrniversal. This provides a key advantage to clinicians since cyclic fatigue is the leading cause of file separation. ProTaper Gold uses the same rotary action and works with the same motors as ProTaper Universal.

ProTaper Gold Finishing Files provide the trusted deep shapes that promote 3D cleaning and filling root canal systems.. ProTaper Gold Shaping Files pre-enlarge canals and are designed to be used with the same familiar outstroke brushing technique

ProTaper Gold Assorted pack contains: One of each SX, S1, S2, F1, F2 and F3 .

Ref Description Options
UGSRS21 SX-F3 21mm Pack of 6
UGSRS25 SX-F3 25mm Pack of 6
UGSRS31 SX-F3 31mm Pack of 6

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