CloseFit Unmounted RP Regular Platform 3.5mm


Product description

The Touareg CloseFit™ spiral implant system offers a unique, strong and solid conical-hex connection. The conical-hex connection enables implants to be used in all indications and regions, in the lower and upper jaw. The Morse-Taper connection minimizes micro-movements between the implant and abutment. Touareg CloseFit™ spiral implant system is tapered-core implants with a spiral tap, promoting immediate stability. With their unique tip and double-lead thread design (2x1.2mm), these implants slice through bone unlike conventional self-tapping implants, which scrape the bone away as they tap. By repositioning bone as it is being inserted, Touareg CloseFit™ implants can be placed at different angles for exceptional primary stability and optimal restorative orientation, along with improved esthetics with a better loading distribution.

Ref Description Options
UISPX0835 Length: 8mm Each
UISPX1035 Length: 10mm Each
UISPX1135 Length: 11.5mm Each
UISPX1335 Length: 13mm Each
UISPX1535 Length: 15mm Each
UISPX1835 Length: 18mm Each

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