Centrix® AccessFLO® Retraction Paste Kit


Product description

AccessFLO Low Viscosity is a flowable Kaolin clay-based gingival Retraction paste Similar to Access Edge, it contains the active ingredients kaolin clay and aluminum chloride to help control bleeding and prevent seepage. A unique prefilled unit-dose tube allows for easier placement of material in and around the sulcus.

  • Convenient prefilled unit-dose tube: no mixing, no bulky cartridges or syringes
  • Dual astringent/hemostatic action - 15% aluminum chloride and kaolin clay
  • Retracts quickly, in 2 minutes
  • Rinses away and removes easily
  • Non-traumatic gingival retraction without packing cord
  • Can be used as the second cord in a “2-cord technique”
  • Individually packaged in foil pouches to keep material fresh
  • Can be used anytime a hemostatic agent is indicated

AccessFLO 15 Contains: 15 x prefilled tubes, 10 x large GingiCaps and 10 x regular GingiCaps.
AccessFLO 60 Contains: 60 x prefilled tubes, 30 x large GingiCaps and 30 x regular GingiCaps.
Disclaimer: *AccessFLO works with any composite syringe

Ref Description Options
UAFLO15 AccessFLO® 15 Kit Pack of 15
UAFLO60 AccessFLO® 60 Kit Pack of 60

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