Kerator Abutment AR4


Product description

Kerator Abutments, with their comfortable retention caps and excellent mobility in the denture metal housing, fit ALL Implant systems.

Each pack contains: abutment with placement handle, red male cap, blue male cap, pink male cap, metal cap, white spacer ring.

PLEASE NOTE: For the placement of 'Straight Kerator Abutments' use Triangular Tipped Drivers. For placing 'Angled Kerator Abutments' use the 1.27mm Hex Tipped Driver.

Ref Description Options
UKAR401 1mm Each
UKAR402 2mm Each
UKAR403 3mm Each
UKAR404 4mm Each
UKAR405 5mm Each
UKAR406 6mm Each
UKAR4AN1 1.5mm Angled Each
UKAR4AN3 3.0mm Angled Each

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