ICON OPTIM Interdental Brushes: Original


Product description

Stoddard ICON interdental brushes are specially designed to clean thoroughly in the wider spaces between teeth and around braces and bridges. They are vital for the prevention of plaque build-up and will help in the promotion of healthy teeth and gums. Use your brush as part of your daily dental hygiene regime.

Ref Description Options
UICIBWH Size 00 - White (0.35mm) 10 Packs of 8
UICIBPK Size 0 - Pink (0.4mm) 10 Packs of 8
UICIBOR Size 1 - Orange (0.45mm) 10 Packs of 8
UICIBRD Size 2 - Red (0.5mm) 10 Packs of 8
UICIBBL Size 3 - Blue (0.6mm) 10 Packs of 8
UICIBYW Size 4 - Yellow (0.7mm) 10 Packs of 8
UICIBGR Size 5 - Green (0.8mm) 10 Packs of 8
UICIBPU Size 6 - Purple (1.1mm) 10 Packs of 8
UICIBGY Size 7 - Grey (1.3mm) 10 Packs of 8

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