Esthet-X HD Compule


Product description

Esthet-X HD restorative provides the ultimate combination of beauty and strength. The precise filler particle distribution of glass and nano-filler particles targets the optimal glass particle sizes and provides the ability to achieve an excellent polish with less effort and time.

Ref Description Options
UEXR0A1 Compule A1 0.25g Pack of 20
UEXR0A2 Compule A2 0.25g Pack of 20
UEXRA2O Compule A2-0 0.25g Pack of 10
UEXR0A3 Compule A3 0.25g Pack of 20
UEXR0B1 Compule B1 0.25g Pack of 20
UEXRCE1 Compule C-E 0.25g Pack of 10
UEXR0WE Compule White Enamel 0.25g Pack of 10
UEXRWOP Compule WO 0.25g Pack of 10
UEXR0XL Compule XL 0.25g Pack of 10

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