Fusion Anterior Matrix System Kit


Product description

Garrison Fusion Anterior Matrix System gives you the materials and techniques to restore many types of anterior lesions with confidence. The Fusion Anterior Matrix contains a myriad of refinements to help you recreate ideal interproximal anatomy quickly and confidently.

  • Only 0.0015” thick – significantly thinner than strips to facilitate better interproximal contact.
  • Firm stainless steel resists deformation both during placement and while compressing composite into the preparation.
  • Easy to slide into the sulcus for deeper restorations.
  • Ideal anatomic curvature in the gingival-incisal direction AND facial-lingual.
  • Far superior to strips when restoring large or deep carious lesions.

The clever features of the Fusion Anterior Wedge make it a ‘must have’ for all anterior restorations.
  • Radical curvature ensures a firm seal at the cervical margin from facial to lingual.
  • Helps maintain ideal anatomy by hugging the band to the tooth.
  • Unique ‘T’ shape sits deeper in the interproximal space to minimise the black triangle.
  • Tapered separator strut allows you to adjust the amount of pressure exerted to control the interproximal contact.
  • The cervical interface is half above and half below the sulcus for maximum adaptation with deeper restorations.

System Kit Contains:
50 x Short Bands, 50x Tall Bands
25 Extra small wedges, 25 x Small wedges
25 x Medium wedges, 25 x Large wedges

Ref Description Options
UFAMS20 Each

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