OsteoBiol® Gel 40 Bone Gel


Product description

Gel 40 is a bone gel with 60% heterologous pre-hydrated collagenated cortico-cancellous granuals mixed with 40% collagen gel. A gel state at temperatures below 30° C; at higher temperatures the viscosity is reduced and Gel 40 can be mixed with hydrosoluble and/or liposoluble drugs. Thanks to its collagen component, Gel 40 facilitates the formation of primary blood clots and the subsequent invasion of repairing and regenerative cells. The cortico-cancellous component provides the necessary scaffold function. The collagen gel component contained in Gel 40 is rapidly and totally resorbed; it is also endowed with exceptional anti-inflammatory, eutrophic and cicatrizing properties. This lipophilia is due mainly to a percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids of the oleic-linoleic series (to which Omega 3 also belongs) directly derived from the raw material. These have a valuable antioxidant action on the free radicals and therefore aid tissue regeneration


Ref Description Options
UBGP050 0.5cc Porcine Each
UBGP053 0.5cc Porcine Triple Pack Pack of 3
UBGE053 0.5cc Equine Triple Pack Pack of 3

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