OsteoBiol® Gen-Os Granules


Product description

A natural replicate of autologous bone, Gen-Os conserves the same intimate structures (matrix) and porosity: and has high osteoconductive properties. It is gradually resorbed (resorption time of 4-5 months) and provides support for new formation preserving the graft shape and volume. Thanks to its collagen content the product facilitates clotting and subsequent invasion of repair and regenerative cells, favouring restituito ad intergrum of missing bone. Because of its marked hydrophilia, it can function as a carrier for medication and drugs. It must always be hydrated and thoroughly mixed with a few drops of sterile physiological solution to activate its collagen and matrix and to enhance its adhesivity; It can also be mixed withj patients blood and with drugs. It expands up to 50% in volume after hydration with sterile saline; hydrated collagen contained in each granule also increases sensibly the biomaterial adhesivity.


Ref Description Options
UGOE025 0.25g Equine Each
UGOP025 0.25g Porcine Each
UGOE050 0.5g Equine Each
UGOP050 0.5g Porcine Each
UGOE100 1.0g Equine Each
UGOP100 1.0g Porcine Each
UGOE200 2.0g Equine Each
UGOP200 2.0g Porcine Each

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