Tehnodent Endodontics

Tehnodent endodontic products are used in over 30 countries across the world and Trycare now brings the range to the UK market.

All are high quality innovations with the added advantage of being extremely competitively priced!
Several key products are highlighted below and you can click to see the full range.

Edetale Gel with Peroxide
Using a file lubricant reduces stress on the instrument by softening the dentine. Simply coat the instrument after each cleaning and withdrawal cycle.
Edetale Gel softens the dentine making shaping easier, the peroxide's effervescent action pushes detritus coronally. Used alternately with Antiseptic Liquid No. 2 kills bacteria and removes the smear layer.

Enables the repair of transposed zipped and fractured root canals.
Rootdent is generic MTA in the same formulation. A Complex of the oxides of Calcium, Silicon and Aluminium. Rootdent makes a previously expensive material, used by endodontists, for retreatments more affordable for GDP's.
It is extremely important to thoroughly disinfect the area to which the Rootdent is to be applied. As acid producing bacteria will inhibit its action.

Calcetin Calcium Hydroxide Cavity Liner Paste
Wherever the stimulation of the production of secondary dentine needs to be induced. Calcetin produces a high pH 12.8 and make CA+ ions available for the laying down of secondary dentine. Use in all cases of pulp exposure to cover the exposure.
For apexification, leave in place within the canal. Calcetin is radio opaque anjd is easily removed from canals if necessary. Ultra thin dispensing tips 0.52 diameter to enable direct injection of paste into the canal.

Cresotin Liquid No. 2 With Pipette Dispenser
A well tried formulation which enables rapid mummification of teeth with acute pulpitis.
Use of Lignocaine anaesthetic, in the first instance, is suggested, to alleviate acute pain. Applying the solution to a "hot pulp" Cresotin Liquid No. 2 will "fix" the pulp tissues making them friable, parchment like and easily removed. The root canal system will be effectively rendered sterile.