Tokuyama Universal Bond

The Only True 'Universal' Bond!

  • Compatibility with self-etch, total-etch and selective-etch techniques
  • Applicability to direct and indirect restoration
  • Compatibility with light curing, dual-curing and self-curing composite materials
  • For silica-based, zirconia based and metallic restorations
  • High adhesion values on different tooth substrates (enamel and dentine)

Bonding So Strong, It Can't Be Broken!

  • No need to apply separately to teeth and restorations
  • No need to wait after bond application
  • No need to light-cure as it self-cures in10 seconds
  • No need for a primer

Why Is Tokuyama Universal Bond So Strong?

The silane bonding agent in single bottle bonds is prone to rapid degradation because of acid also in the mix (according to the University of Leuven in Belgium*). In this situation, a reliable bond cannot be achieved without fresh silane.

Tokuyama Universal Bond stores acid and silane in different bottles to ensure fresh silane at the time of use giving a consistent, reliable bond. Even so self-curing Tokuyama Universal Bond is quicker and easier to use even with two bottles. Tokuyama Universal Bond primary component is a newly formulated, patented monomer, that has more bonding “arms” giving a stronger bond and enabling it to bond to Zirconia. Other added monomers are specifically non-precious metals, glass ceramic or oxide ceramics.

A new silane coupling, y-MPTES, ensures secure bonding to glass-ceramics without needing pre-etching with
hydrofluoric acid etc. Tokuyama Universal Bond is fully compatible with all materials both dual and self cure materials without additional activator. Tokuyama Universal Bond is truly universal even for repairs.

Speed comparison with other brands!

Universal Bond Holding A 135lb Weight!