Tokuyama Estelite Sigma Quick


Product description

Tokuyama Estelite Wins the 'Top Universal Composite' Award by Dental Advisor, for the 12th Year!

Estelite Sigma Quick is a light cured, radiopaque, Universal composite with high aesthetics due to its unique uniformly shaped spherical fillers, 0.2micron in size. These provide an excellent chameleon effect, smooth glossy surface and long lasting lustre. Plus with extended working time and rapid curing this composite is quick, versatile and easy to use.

Ref Description Options
TK0164 PLT Intro Kit Each
TK0141 PLT A1 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0142 PLT A2 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0143 PLT A3 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0144 PLT A3.5 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0145 PLT A4 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0146 PLT A5 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0147 PLT B1 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0148 PLT B2 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0149 PLT B3 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0150 PLT B4 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0159 PLT BW 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0151 PLT C1 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0152 PLT C2 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0158 PLT CE incisal 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0153 PLT C3 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0154 PLT OA1 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0155 PLT OA2 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0156 PLT OA3 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0157 PLT OPA2 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0160 PLT WE 0.20g Pack of 20
TK0163 Syringe System Kit Each
TK0161 Syringe 3 Intro Kit Each
TK0162 Syringe 6 Intro Kit Each
TK0121 Syringe A1 3.8g Each
TK0122 Syringe A2 3.8g Each
TK0123 Syringe A3 3.8g Each
TK0124 Syringe A3.5 3.8g Each
TK0125 Syringe A4 3.8g Each
TK0126 Syringe A5 3.8g Each
TK0127 Syringe B1 3.8g Each
TK0128 Syringe B2 3.8g Each
TK0129 Syringe B3 3.8g Each
TK0130 Syringe B4 3.8g Each
TK0139 Syringe BW 3.8g Each
TK0131 Syringe C1 3.8g Each
TK0132 Syringe C2 3.8g Each
TK0133 Syringe C3 3.8g Each
TK0138 Syringe CE Incisal 3.8g Each
TK0134 Syringe OA1 3.8g Each
TK0135 Syringe OA2 3.8g Each
TK0136 Syringe OA3 3.8g Each
TK0137 Syringe OPA2 3.8g Each
TK0140 Syringe WE 3.8g Each
TK0194 Shade Guide Each

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